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The newly expanded Marbleseed Organic Resource Directory now includes buyers, suppliers, and certification agencies, as well as educational resources such as fact sheets, workbooks, guidebooks, and more.

Want to see your business or resource listed in the Marbleseed Organic Resource Directory? We review all submissions to ensure products, services, and educational resources are appropriate for inclusion in the directory. To submit your business or resource for consideration, please use the forms below.

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Recently Added Resources

Fearless Farm Finances Online Course

Beginning Farmers, Farm Business, Farm Business : General, Farm Business : Marketing
This one-of-a-kind course is packed with instructions, tips, and tools for setting up and managing a farm’s financial system. It includes real-life examples from successful farmers and sample data to show how forms and records should look.

Managed Rotational Grazing Policies: An Overview of Farm Bill Programs to Support Regenerative Agriculture,”

Farming Systems, Farming Systems : Grazing, Field Crops, Leadership and Community, Leadership and Community : Farmer Leader, Leadership and Community : Healthy Communities, Leadership and Community : Public Policy
The team at Vermont Law and Graduate School’s Center for Agriculture and Food Systems has published a report titled “Managed Rotational Grazing Policies: An Overview of Farm Bill Programs to Support Regenerative Agriculture,” which outlines how farm bill programs can be leveraged to support farmers’ and ranchers’ livelihoods while encouraging managed rotational grazing as an adaptive tool for climate resilience.

Beginning Farmer Institute

Beginning Farmers, Beginning Farmers : Connect with Peers
National Farmers Union's Beginning Farmer Institute (BFI) is a free, year-long training program intended to improve the health of your farm or ranch business.

Facilitating Beginning Farmer Access to Farmland

Land Access, Land Access : Incoming Farmers
November/December 2021 Organic Broadcaster article about farmland access for beginning farmers.

USDA Assistance for Beginning Farmers

Beginning Farmers
USDA assistance for beginning farmers including loans, grants, conservation, crop insurance, and farm support.

The Farm Answers Library

Beginning Farmers
The Farm Answers library provides answers to the questions that you have about starting your farm or ranch, including Business Management, Marketing, People, Production as well as Taxes & Legal.

The Organic Grower Harvest Manual

Vegetables, Production
The following Organic Grower Manual has been rewritten reflecting current practices from a broader community of farmers while reflecting the latest research and guidelines for safe production, harvest, and post-harvest procedures.

The Mesothelioma Center

Farming Systems, Leadership and Community, Leadership and Community : Healthy Communities
Agricultural workers and farmers work on farms to produce crops, livestock and dairy products. Farmers are at risk of exposure to asbestos through the soil, vermiculite, and products on farming equipment and machinery. The Mesothelioma Center provides free informational books, packets and a Patient Advocacy program that works 1-on-1 with individuals to help them find local doctors, treatment centers and support groups.

The CSA Innovation Network

Farming Systems, Farming Systems : Organic, Leadership and Community : Healthy Communities
New and growing network of the many regional CSA networks around the US.

Northeast Organic Farming Association

Farming Systems : Organic, Leadership and Community
Northeast Organic Farming Association 2022 Winter Conference.

The Agricultural Justice Project

Farm Business, Farming Systems, Leadership and Community
Standards for fair labor policies with an extensive Tool-kit for farmers that includes resources in improving pricing so that the farm can pay living wages, a model employee handbook grounded in fairness that is easy to adapt for your farm, health and safety planning, conflict resolution, evaluations, information on what makes a fair contract, and many templates for recording safety trainings.

The CSA Charter

Farming Systems, Farming Systems : Organic, Leadership and Community : Healthy Communities
Resource for posting on CSA websites to help members understand the full meaning of joining a CSA.


Farming Systems, Farming Systems : Organic, Leadership and Community : Healthy Communities
International network of CSA and Solidarity Economic networks, and also has great resources, including courses that both farmers and their customers can take in the many ways of being a good food citizen.

Guidebook for Organic Certification

Farm Business : Certification, Farming Systems, Farming Systems : Organic
Resource guidebook to transition your farm to certified organic

A Greener World

Certification Agency
Home of North America's leading food labels; growing family of trusted certifications includes Animal Welfare Approved, Certified GrassFed and Certified Non GMO

Food Safety Decision Tools

Farm Business, Production
The national Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) website has added farm food safety “decision trees” to help farmers identify risks and implement food-safe practices. Nine decision trees are available, including worker hygiene, soil amendments, wildlife management, and postharvest handling.

26 Ways to be in the Struggle Beyond the Streets

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
A list of ways you can engage in your community around racial justice

Food and Agriculture Justice Resources

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Resources, guides, and video series on food justice

Mapping our Roles in Social Change Ecosystems Worksheet

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Framework to help invididuals, networks, and organizations align with social change

National Latino Farmers and Ranchers

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
NLFR provides policy advocacy, farm management and sustainability training, conservation best practices, and technical assistance that enables Latinos and multiethnic farmworkers, farmers, and ranchers who have been historically discriminated against to transition and thrive in indigenous, regenerative and sustainable farming and ranching operations, while strengthening and safeguarding our national food supply system.

Intertribal Agricultural Council

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Providing a unified effort to promote change in Indian agriculture for the benefit of Indian people

Hmong American Partnership

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Empowering the community to embrace the strengths of Hmong culture while acheiving potential

Hmong Farmers Association

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Supporting Hmong American Farmers

Planning The Organic Orchard

Farm Business : General
Factsheet: Planning and design tips for your organic orchard

Online Organic Grower Guides

Fruits and Specialty Crops : Fruits
Online organic resources for growing apples, beans, carrots, grapes, and more from Cornell University. (Although these guides were written primarily for New York growers, the recommendations are applicable to growers in other humid regions.)

Annotated Bibliography on Structural Racism Present in the U.S. Food System

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Current research and outreach on structural racism in the U.S. food system for food system practitioners, researchers, educators, and advocates.

Big River Farms

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Incubator farm near Marine in St. Croix, MN

Online Organic Grower Guides

Fruits and Specialty Crops : Fruits, Production : Pests
Online organic resources for growing apples, beans, carrots, grapes, and more from Cornell University. (Although these guides were written primarily for New York growers, the recommendations are applicable to growers in other humid regions.)

United Farm Workers

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
The nation's first enduring and largest farm worker's union

National Black Farmers Association

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Non-profit representing African American farmers

Responding to Microaggressions and Bias

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Sample conversations for how to respond to microagressions and bias

Sustainable Vegetable Production Website

Farm Business : General
Sustainable Vegetable Production website to share results from research on strategies that enhance vegetable production and cropping systems.

Talking About Race Series

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Tools and guidance to empower you to talk about race

Soul Fire Farm Action Steps & Policy Platform

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Food sovereignty action steps compiled by Soul Fire Farm and Northeast Farmers of Color alliance.

Do you have any tips to extend the grazing season?
Sep 2021

The growth phase of the pasture season is coming to a rapid end as we advance through the fall. However, we still have plenty of options to optimize fall grazing in the transition to winter. One of…

What apple varieties do you recommend for a new organic orchard?
May 2021

Most people can name a few apple varieties: those available at grocery stores, those we remember from childhood, maybe a few more for people who regularly visit a local orchard in the fall. But there…

Farmer explores organic strategies to control Canada thistle in orchard

weed management for organic apple orchards

Online GAP Courses

Farm Business : Certification
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach now offers free online food safety training modules for farmers’ market managers and vendors. The four modules cover good agricultural practices (GAP) for pre-harvest, post-harvest, marketing and best practices at the market, and value-added products

Midwest Cover Crops Field Guide, third edition

Production : Fertility, Production : Pests, Production : Diseases, Production : Weeds
The pocket-sized guide from Purdue University and the Midwest Cover Crops Council is designed to help farmers choose, grow and use appropriate cover crops in their farming operations.

What’s your advice for managing the current forage crisis?
Jul 2020

As a full-forage Grassfed dairy and beef grazier, I find it paramount to grow as much quality forage as our farm can every year. Conditions in Wisconsin this year have made that especially challenging…

What are some strategies for fertility and weed management?
May 2020

An interesting part of my position with Marbleseed as a crop specialist is the variety of questions that come my way. The questions range widely from specific crop rotations to determining what to…

How can I transition my existing orchard to organic?
May 2020

For people considering organic certification, it’s commonly understood that you’ll have to change some of your management practices. When the crops you grow are annuals, it seems fairly st…

NYTimes 1619 Podcast

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
An audio series on slavery


Farm Business : Funding, Leadership and Community : Healthy Communities
This guide is written for anyone seeking help from federal programs to foster sustainable and innovative initiatives in this country associated with agriculture and forestry.

SARE Cover Crop Survey

Leadership and Community : Healthy Communities
2019-2020 National Cover Crop Survey by USDA SARE, CTIC, and ASTA with information from 1,172 farmer responses across the country.

Racial Equity Toolkit compiled by National Young Farmers Coalition

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Toolkit to help farmers organize around transformative learning and action.

158 Resources to Understand Racism in America

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Articles, videos, podcasts and websites on racism in America

Leah Penniman Keynote 2020

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Keynote from Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm and author of “Farming While Black”

10 Lessons For Talking About Race, Racism and Racial Justice

Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
Advice based on research, experience and unput from partners on how to talk about race

Premier 1 Supplies

Equipment Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier
For almost 35 years, providing electric fence and netting; sheep, goat and poultry supplies; as well as expert advice

Wisconsin Dept of Ag, Trade & Consumer Protection (WI DATCP)

State Agency
Assures the safety and quality of food, fair business practices for the buyer and seller, efficient use of agricultural resources, consumer protection, healthy animals and plants, and the vitality of…

Natural Products, Inc.

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Provides organic full fat and low fat soy ingredients for bakery, beverage, and soy foods

The Stewards Journal

Resource and Advocacy Organization
An effort to encourage the sharing of organic farming knowledge amoung the plain-church communities. Free sample publication. Subscription $25 (make check to “Barnyard Classifieds”).

Land Stewardship Project (LSP)

Resource and Advocacy Organization
A membership organization working to build a just, sustainable food and farming system that cares for people and the land

Kunafin "The Insectary"

Pest Control Supplier
Producer of beneficial insects supplying major agribusiness operations throughout the world. Fly parasites are a successful and economical tool in reducing fly populations in dairy, feedlot, poultry…

Midwestern BioAg, Inc

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier
Products and programs (soils, crops, and animal nutrition) to assist farmers in managing an efficient and profitable operation

Imants USA

Equipment Supplier
Supplier of 4-15 ft Imants rotary spader tillage tool for incorporating large amounts of organic material, such as crop residue, straw, compost or green manure in a single pass

AgriEnergy Resources

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Pest Control Supplier
One stop shop for organic soil fertility products, organic pesticides, and our proven biological products including SP-1, Residuce, and Myco Seed Treat

Gatr Products, LLC

Equipment Supplier, Hand Tools Supplier
Designs and manufactures tools that give more power and possibilities to move things simpler, safer and sooner

Terra Biotics

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
5 touch organic fertilizer program. Helping every step of the way to get your soil dialed in to achieve the best yields possible

High Mowing Organic Seeds

Seed Supplier
An independently-owned, farm-based seed company offering over 700 varieties of 100% organic and non-GMO vegetable, flower and herb seed.

Ciranda, Inc.

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Offering organic, non-GMO, fair trade and sustainable ingredients to the food and body care industries

Natural Needs LLC

Provides recommendations and consultations for best practices for sourcing; offers consumer outreach and education; direct marketing; philanthropy

Roeters Farm Equipment

Equipment Supplier
New and used vegetable equipment

River Hills Harvest

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Provides education, support, plants,and marketing for elderberry growers; produces 100% pure premium elderberry juice,honey sweetened cordial, and jelly

Adams Liquid Fertilizer, Organic Naturally

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
NOP, OMRI and all natural fertilizers. Liquid concentrates of lime, kelp, bonemeal, fish fertilizer to custom mix. Commercial pricing w/processed account

AgMotion Specialty Grains

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Buyer of organic corn, soybeans, flax and other small grains

Wisconsin Farmers Union

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Enhancing the quality of life for family farmers, rural communities and all people through educational opportunities, cooperative endeavors and civic engagement

Fertrell Company

Fertilizer Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier
Manufacturer of natural and organic fertilizers and feed supplements. Working with certified and sustainable growers. Call for free catalog or dealer near you

Organic Crop Improvement Association, NE Wisconsin Chapter #2 (OCIA)

Certification Agency
Founded in 1995, providing certification services to farmers and processors around the states of WI and MI

Marshalltown Community College - Entrepreneurial & Diversified Agriculture Program

University Program
Program offers one year certificates and two year degrees. Included on campus is a 140 acre farm used for demonstration to students and new farmers who wish to begin farming on site

SR Egg Farm

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Supplying 100% organic fertilizer consisting of 100% chicken manure. Available in pellets, crumbles or belt dried, and in 1 ton bags

Biological Products Industry Alliance

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Pest Control Supplier
Dedicated to fostering the use of biological products including biopesticides and biostimulants

Sunco Marketing

Equipment Supplier
Manufactures a full line of planter attachments as well as Implement Guidance products including the Sunco Acura Trak and Sunco Stabilizer

Plantskydd Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Pest Control Supplier
Protect your field crops, fruits and vegetables from deer damage. Rainfast within 24 hours, the most effective, longest lasting repellent. Emits an odor that animals relate to predator activity

Cowsmo Inc

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Providing the finest quality compost and potting soil for the organic grower since 1990

Agri Life, LLC

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Supplies OMRI listed products which can be use as inputs for USDA Organic food production

Maple Valley Cooperative

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
A multi-stakeholder cooperative with a mission to produce and market the finest organic maple syrup products by fair and sustainable methods

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Federal Agency
The primary federal agency working to protect natural resources on private lands. NRCS offers technical and financial assistance to farmers for conservation planning and practices suited to their land…

Grindstone Farm

Equipment Supplier
Root crop washers: machines and kits

Stone Mill

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
An FDA and organic certified Food Facility that buys, markets, processes, and stores specialty food ingredients, including flax, garbanzo beans, and lentils

Earth Tools Inc

Equipment Supplier, Hand Tools Supplier
Nationwide supplier of BCS and Grillo walk-behind tractors, compatible implements, accessories and parts. Also: Forged-steel / professional-quality garden tools

Pro-Active Agriculture

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Pest Control Supplier
Offers many customized products for an array of fields and gardens, and manufactures organic, conventional and sustainable agricultural products

Michigan Food and Farming Systems (MIFFS)

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Provides beginning and underserved farmers access to resource opportunities for developing profitable and environmentally sustainable businesses. A membership based, non-profit organization serving…

MSU North Farm

University Program
An education and research farm with Michigan State University that conducts on-farm research and hosts a farm incubator for beginning farmers

Spruce Acres Farm/Liquid Fish, Inc.

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
In business since 1991 selling Liquid Fish that is 51% solids, meaning you use less per acre. Try it and see

Redmond Minerals

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier
Top selling sea minerals in the country–Redmond Salt and Redmond Conditioner for animal and soil applications

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Member based organization that protects the rights of farmers, artisan food producers, homesteaders, affiliates and consumers to engage in direct commerce

Beju Plant Food

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Offering soil stewardship through cover cropping, soil amendments, and microorganisms

Cedar Grove Cheese

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Manufacturer of traditional and specialty cheese since 1878

Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association-(OEFFA)

Certification Agency
Certifying producers and handlers, providing educational programs to serve organic and sustainable farmers, homesteaders, backyard gardeners, and consumers

Prairie Hybrid Seeds

Seed Supplier
Producer and seller of organic and non-GMO seed corn

FW Cobs Company, Inc.

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Purchaser and Seller of North American Organic Grains including Corn, Wheat, Barley, Rye, Peas, Soybeans, Screenings, Oats, and more

Organic Crop Improvement Association, Iowa Chapter #3 (OCIA)

Certification Agency
A chapter of the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA), an international certifying agency

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Strengthening farms and communities through farmer-led investigation and information sharing. Farmers lead our field days, farminars, workshops, research and more

Certified Organically Grown Professional (COG Pro)

Consultant, Service Provider, Certification Agency
A web-based system to keep records required for organic certification

Common Sense Soil Systems, LLC

Consultant, Service Provider
Independent crop and soil consultant in Northeast Wisconsin

West Michigan Beef

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Certified organic processor of beef

Ledebuhr Meat Processing

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Custom slaughter and processing, organic beef and pork. Some sausages and smoked pork

Roberts Seed Inc.

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor, Livestock Feed Supplier, Seed Supplier
Custom processing and sales of Certified Organic and non-GMO grains for food, feed and quality seed. Crop, Forage, cover crop seed. Chicken, cattle and pig food

Greater Earth Organics LLC

Equipment Supplier
Compost tea machines, compost, microbial foods and spraying equipment


Consultant, Service Provider
Connects farmers and consumers—join for free to promote your farm

Green Thumb Seeds

Seed Supplier, Soil Inputs Supplier, Pest Control Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Non-GMO vegetable seeds, organic-approved fertilizers, micronutrients, and pest control. Write for catalog, or visit retail store (closed Thursdays). Wholesale seed list also available.

Accredited Certifiers Association Inc

Certification Agency, Certification Agency
Non-profit educational organization offering resources to the USDA accredited organic certifier community and the organic industry

Crystal Creek Inc

Livestock Feed Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier
Supplies livestock nutrition services, minerals, complete feed, supplements, health aids, fly spray, inoculant, veterinary analysis, calf barn ventilation systems

Nature's Source

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Products that are proving every day to improve overall plant quality while increasing crop yields. USDA BioPreferred & OMRI Listed products available

Barr Refrigeration

Equipment Supplier
The World's largest selection of new and used walk in coolers, freezers and refrigeration equipment - in business since 1970

Boyd Station LLC

Livestock Feed Supplier
Buyer of certified organic soybeans; seller of certified organic soymeal, soy hulls, soy oil

The Natural Gardening Company

Seed Supplier
Supplier of certified organic vegetable, herb and flower seeds, certified organic seedlings and drip irrigation. Prompt delivery and free shipping offer for orders over $35

Ecocert ICO

Certification Agency, Certification Agency
An accredited inspection and certification agency in the food/feed/fiber industry offering multiple certification scopes for domestic or international needs

Kuhn North America Inc

Equipment Supplier
A leading innovator in agricultural and industrial equipment, specializing in mixers, spreaders, hay tools and tillage tools

American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (APPPA)

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Nonprofit educational and networking organization dedicated to encouraging the production, processing, and marketing of poultry raised on pasture

The Cornucopia Institute

Resource and Advocacy Organization
National non-profit research and advocacy group dedicated to organic integrity in support of family-scale organic farms

Featherman Equipment

Equipment Supplier
Poultry processing equipment

UNFI Foundation

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Connecting farms to families by delivering more organic and natural food to more plates across North America

Dakota Rural Action

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Members working to conserve and protect both South Dakota’s environment and our unique way of life

Demeter Association Inc

Certification Agency, Certification Agency
Provides whole farm Biodynamic® certification, viewing the farm as a living organism

Iowa Organic Association

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Working to advance organic opportunities by fostering education, research, promotion and market development and policy

USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) Minnesota

Federal Agency
Manages the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation to provide innovative crop insurance products to America’s farmers and ranchers

Wisconsin Mineral Solutions

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier, Pest Control Supplier
Restoring health and vitality to soils; bringing forth higher quality foods to the benefit of animal and human health; distributor of Restora-Life minerals


Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Pest Control Supplier
Provide reliable, environmentally responsible, personalized solutions to growers and farmers who manage plant diseases, pests, nutrition and health

Indian Hills Community College

University Program
Offers a program designed to provide area landowners, farmers, and young adults with access to land the entrepreneurial skills necessary to start a new, or further develop an existing, land-based…

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Federal Agency
SARE grants and education program advances agricultural innovation that promotes profitability, stewardship, and quality of life

Midwest Organics

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Producing 99% pure worm castings and foliar products derived from worm castings

Common Ground Organic Consulting

Consultant, Service Provider, Certification Agency
Access expert organic consultation services and ensure ongoing compliance with your organic certification agency. You do the farming, I'll do the paperwork.

Vermont Compost Company

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Makers of living potting soil for organic growers

Ocean Organics

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
High performance,field proven,kelp based nutrients. These innovative products are used in Agriculture to enhance stress tolerance and improve crop programs

Bushman Organic Farms

Livestock Feed Supplier
Supplier of organic animal feed, buyer and seller of all organic feed grains, and logistics provider by truck or railcar

The NOD (National Oat Digest)

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor, Resource and Advocacy Organization
Quarterly newsletter for oat growers and buyers. Organic oat market news, variety reveiws, advertizing space included in subscription rate.

Thousand Hills Cattle Company LLC

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Premier grass fed beef brand in the Midwest, always looking for new cattle producers to join us

GrassWorks, Inc.

Resource and Advocacy Organization
A grassroots membership organization providing leadership & education to farmers & consumers for the advancement of managed grass-based agriculture

Poly-Tex, Inc.

Equipment Supplier, Hand Tools Supplier, Seasonal Extension Supplier
Manufactures high tunnels, ag structures, commercial and retail greenhouses and accessories, as well as shade systems and plant displays

Field and Forest Products Inc

Hand Tools Supplier, Seed Supplier
Producers of quality mushroom spawn for hobbiests and commercial growers cultivating gourmet and medicinal mushrooms plus kits, tools, supplies and advice

USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) Grant County

Federal Agency
Provides direct financing, guarantees commercial financing, and provides credit counseling to farmers / ranchers

National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT)

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Helping people by championing small-scale, local, and sustainable solutions to reduce poverty, promote healthy communities, and protect natural resources

Rodale Institute

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Researches the best practices of organic agriculture, advocates for policies for farmers, and educates consumers about how going organic is the healthiest option


Resource and Advocacy Organization
LocalHarvest connects people looking for good food with the farmers who produce it

SeaAgri, Inc.

Soil Inputs Supplier, Livestock Feed Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier
Supplier of SEA-90 minerals and trace elements for soil, crop and livestock, SEA-90 essential elements, SEA-90 agricultural mineral and SEA-90 foliar fertilizer

Weed Badger

Equipment Supplier
Factory direct precision in-row tillage and mowing equipment for orchards, vineyard, berry crops, hops, trees, fence line: anything in a row you need to till or mow

CowMaster, LLC

Livestock Products Supplier
Carries Dr. Karreman's Phyto-Mast tubes, Heat Seek capsules, GetWell anti-bacterial tincture, and EatWell digestive tincture

Neptune's Harvest Fertilizer

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Top of the line cold processed Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer, from the mineral rich North Atlantic Ocean. Also, Seaweed, Blends, Crab Shell, Kelp Meal and more

Four Elements Organic Herbals

Resource and Advocacy Organization, Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Offering hand-harvested organic herbs in small-batches of skincare, tinctures and teas on-line; cultivating nature's wisdom

Farm Commons

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Provides free educational farm law resources at our website that help farmers become the stable, resilient foundation of a community based food system

Carrington Research Center - NDSU

University Program
Organic research with field crops

Inpak Systems

Equipment Supplier
Manufacturer's rep for bagging or packaging scales, bag closing, conveying, palletizing and stretch wrapping equipment. Also, providing parts and service

Grain Millers, Inc.

Livestock Feed Supplier, Seed Supplier
Contracting/purchasing for organic oats, corn, soybeans, flax and other organic food and feed grains. Grower Sustainability Program. In House Agronomy Support

Olmix NA, Inc.

Livestock Feed Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier
Committed to improve the health of animals, reduce antibiotic dependence, use natural products, and improve the performance of dairy, swine, and poultry

Great Harvest Organics

Seed Supplier
Supplies the organic industry with elite corn, soybean, and wheat genetics

Bioblend Renewable Resources, LLC

Equipment Supplier
Produces a full line of biodegradable lubricants, including hydraulic fluids, greases, and universal tractor fluid. Our biodegradable and non-toxic formulations are designed to maximize renewable…

North Wind Renewable Energy Cooperative

Alternative Energy Supplier
Wisconsin’s most trusted renewable energy solution provider designing and installing solar electric systems for residential, commercial and agricultural customers

Whole Grain Milling

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Grower/processor of organic grains; maker of whole grain flours, rolled oats, yellow and blue corn tortilla chips and pancake, hot cereal and bread mixes, etc

AgBio Inc

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Pest Control Supplier
Manufacturer and supplier of insect traps, mating disruption, biofungicides, and biopesticides

KOW Consulting Association

Soil Inputs Supplier, Livestock Feed Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Dairy minerals plus independent consultation on soil fertility, crop and grazing management, and ration formulation.

Agroecology Masters Program UW-Madison

University Program
Trains graduate students to research and analyze agricultural systems within a broader environmental and socio-economic context

Organic Seed Alliance

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Advancing ethical seed solutions to meet food and farming needs in a changing world through research, education, and advocacy programs

Motomco Ltd.

Pest Control Supplier
The World Leader in Rodent Control Technology. Manufactures a complete line of baits, stations and traps for the professional agricultural industry. Agrid3 is OMRI approved

Organic Independents, LLP

Consultant, Service Provider
Organic consultancy, policy development, training, speaking and outreach specialists, as well as certified organic fruit growers


Equipment Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier
The most advanced sprouting systems for livestock feeding


Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor, Consultant, Service Provider
Provides an on-line platform to market organic grain, as well as an information service on organic grain prices, supply and demand

American Organic Seed

Seed Supplier
Certified organic seed corn, Value Plus high energy corn, alfalfa, clover, grasses, summer forages, peas & pea mixes, cover crops, brassicas, and cereal grains

Flame Engineering Inc

Equipment Supplier
Leading Manufacturer of Agricultural non chemical weed control processes. Row Crop flamers, Vegetable bed flamers, vineyard & orchard flamers and more

Union of Concerned Scientists

Resource and Advocacy Organization
A network of more than 20,000 technical experts advancing science-based solutions for a healthy planet and a safer world

Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship (IDALS)

Certification Agency
Managing the Organic Certification Program certifying organic operations throughout Iowa

Viroqua Biodynamic Group

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Educates the public/consumers about sustainable methods of biodynamic farming; helps biodynamic farmers to make their own preparations; provides cow horns

Rising Sun Animal Wellness Center

Livestock Feed Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier
Veterinary Services and Products with emphasis on holistic. Offering Acupuncture, Veterinary Spinal Manipulation, Herbal and Homeopathy. Surgery and Dentistry also

Farmer's Legal Action Group, Inc. (FLAG)

Resource and Advocacy Organization
A national nonprofit law center providing legal services and support to family farmers and their communities to help keep family farmers on the land

Grass and Sons Seed Inc

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Buys, conditions, packages and sells soybeans and small grain for seed and food grade exporting. Only non-GMO seed is cleaned in the plant

The Land Connection

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Trains farmers in restorative farming techniques through workshops, field days, mentorships, and Farm Beginnings; Manages the Champaign Farmers' Market

Nite Guard LLC

Solar-Powered Night Predator Light - maintenance-free unit automatically turns on at dusk, off at dawn. Red flashing LED light keeps nighttime predators away from your poultry, livestock, fields…

Briess Malt & Ingredients Company

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Purchases certified organic barley, corn and other small grains

Minnesota Organic Network

State Agency
E-mail listserv connecting Minnesotans who want to share information about organic agriculture, kick around ideas, ask each other questions, and work together. Includes farmers, researchers, and…

Once Again Nut Butter

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Manufacturing organic nut butters, seed butters and honeys since 1976

Dramm Corporation

Equipment Supplier, Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Hand Tools Supplier
Supplying growers with products to enhance plant health, for over 75 years. Offering an integrated approach to plant health

Stonebridge Ltd

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor, Livestock Feed Supplier
Licensed grain dealer, partnering with farmers, cleaning facilities and local elevators to supply identity-preserved organic, transitional and conventional soybeans

Tuff-bilt Tractors Manufacturing, Inc.

Equipment Supplier
Supplier of a standard tractor that comes with a 19hp Engine, 20” ground clearance, 2 (front and rear) category “0” three-point, and 20+ implements

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

University Program
Offers accredited, affordable, skill-based, sustainable food and agriculture courses online and in the classroom with licensed teachers who are working farmers; financial aid available

ROSS & Supplies

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Seed Supplier
Organic and untreated seed only. Vegetables, cover crops, buckwheat. Wide range organic-approved inputs. Free catalog. Retail store (closed Thursdays).

All Star Trading

Livestock Feed Supplier, Seed Supplier
Organic & non GMO specialists that buy and sell organic commodities, including corn, soybeans, soybean meal, wheat, peas, flax and more; provides competitive prices, personal customer care, current…


Resource and Advocacy Organization
Nonprofit working to expand production, marketing & distribution of locally grown/sustainable food. Good Food Expo, Farmer Training, Good Food Business Accelerator

Co-op Partners Warehouse, Wedge Co-op

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Distributor of fresh organic produce, dairy, and grocery servicing co-ops, natural food stores and restaurants in the Upper Midwest

Advanced Biological Concepts

Livestock Feed Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier
Produces certified organic, nutritional supplements and feeds for livestock and equine

Farm Table Foundation

Resource and Advocacy Organization
A 501c3 organization committed to supporting sustainable agriculture and land stewardship through education, innovative partnerships, and programming

Suståne Natural Fertilizer, Inc.

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
World’s leading manufacturer-exporter of organic and natural base slow release fertilizers for all green industries

North Valley Ag & Mill Equipment

Equipment Supplier
Provider of seed and flour milling equipment; serving the USA and Canada

Mississippi Valley Conservancy

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Conserving and protecting native habitats and farmlands with conservation easements

Organic Farmers' Agency for Relationship Marketing Inc (OFARM)

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
A cooperative that coordinates and assists organic producer marketing and contracts of organic grain and livestock with its six member farmer cooperatives

Oxbo International

Equipment Supplier, Livestock Feed Supplier
Manufacturing, sales and service of specialized harvesting equipment for niche agriculture; specializing in harvesting solutions for fresh market producers

St. Joseph Equipment

Equipment Supplier
Farm and construction equipment, tractors, implements, etc.


Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Liquid certified organic fertilizer derived from poultry manure. Zero setback restrictions, will not block any farm sprayers, drip lines or hydroponic systems

Midwest Bio-Systems

Equipment Supplier
Providing the most efficient process and equipment for composting organic waste into a material that can have a positive impact on soil fertility

National Young Farmers Coalition

Resource and Advocacy Organization, Service Provider
A grassroots coalition of farmers, ranchers and consumers working to ensure a sustainable future for American agriculture

TYR Food Products

Livestock Feed Supplier
Wholesaler and distributor of domestic organic feed ingredients working to provide you with timely delivery at competitive prices

Cornerstone Farm Ventures

Equipment Supplier
Production and processing equipment sales and service to poultry producers

Summerset Products

Pest Control Supplier
Provides Summerset AllDown Organic Herbicide, an OMRI broadleaf nonselective grass and weed herbicide, and organic orchard and garden spray

Culver Family Farms LLC

Livestock Feed Supplier
Supplier of hay and barley round bales

Four Season Tools

Equipment Supplier, Hand Tools Supplier, Seasonal Extension Supplier
Greenhouses for sustainable agriculture solutions. We specialize in designing season extension structures and scale-appropriate systems. Movable & Fixed High Tunnels


Livestock Feed Supplier
Manufacturer of organic feeds bulk or bagged

BioSafe Systems

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Pest Control Supplier
Manufacturer of Crop Protection & Post-Harvest solutions, including biofungicides, soil biologicals/biostimulants, and bioinsecticides

Mississippi Market Co-op

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Seed Supplier
Food co-op and retailer of organic products with three St Paul locations

Organic Fruit Growers Association

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Dedicated to education, advocacy, research, and networking for fruit growers in the upper midwest. Formerly the Organic Tree Fruit Association

Buckwheat Growers Association of MN

Soil Inputs Supplier, Livestock Feed Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Seed Supplier
A farmer-owned cooperative of grain and buckwheat growers. Supplier of seed and feed ingredients and complete rations for poultry and livestock - available bagged or bulk. Cleaning/bagging of grain…

Hasting Mutual Insurance

Service Provider
Insurance provider.

Small Farm Central

Consultant, Service Provider
Providing technology services for small farm business success

Albert Lea Seed House

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Pest Control Supplier, Seed Supplier
Third generation, family owned & operated seed company focusing exclusively on Organic & Non-GMO farm seed of all types

Marbleseed, Inc.

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Education, resources, and expertise to help farmers grow organic. Organizes the annual Organic Farming Conference

Iowa State University, Organic Ag Program

University Program
Dedicated to maintaining a systems approach to agriculture. Undergraduate program in Agronomy includes an Agro ecology option that has been of high interest to students who want to study organic and…

North Dakota Department of Agriculture

Certification Agency
Supports all forms of agriculture in North Dakota; administers the Organic Certification Cost Share Program

BlueStem Organic Feed Mill

Livestock Feed Supplier
Producer of poultry, duck, and turkey feeds; swine starters to finishers, sow rations; goat and sheep feeds, rabbit and dairy feeds; bagged or bulk

Blue Horizon Energy

Alternative Energy Supplier
Founded in 2009, specializing in providing turn-key solar energy solutions for farms and businesses

University of Wisconsin - Stout

University Program
Offers a B.S. Environmental Science degree, as well as a B.S. or M.S. in Sustainable Management, collaboratively earned online through UW-Extension

US Small Farm Equipment Company

Equipment Supplier
Manufacturing and direct marketing of one and two row potato planters and diggers

Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
America’s largest organic farmer cooperative with more than 1,600 farmer-owners nationwide offering certified organic dairy, eggs, juice, produce and soy, plus Organic Prairie meat

Harris Seeds

Provides organic growers with quality organic and untreated vegetable seeds, including high performing hybrids and unique specialty varieties. Growers will also find a broad selection of cut flower…

Crop Fertility Services

Equipment Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Soil Inputs Supplier, Seed Supplier
We provide OMRI listed chicken manure pellets, Biologicals, and Hatzenbichler tine weeders, cultivators, and camera guidance systems.

Texas Organic Research Center

Consultant, Service Provider
Provides research and programs to stop the use of toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers

Farmer Veteran Coalition

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Develops viable and meaningful careers through the collaboration of the farming and military communities

Central Rivers Farmshed

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Expanding the connection between the community and farmers in Central Wisconsin by providing opportunities for participation, education, cooperation, and action to support a local food economy…

Small Farmers Journal

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Quarterly journal featuring practical horse farming and small-scale farming

Windridge Implements

Equipment Supplier
Agricultural equipment dealer providing planting & harvesting machinery

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center

Federal Agency
USDA information and reference service on organic, sustainable and alternative farming

Women, Food and Agriculture Network

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Providing support for women who aspire to be farmers, own farmland and hire tenants, and become leaders and run for office. The WFAN conference is the first weekend in November

WISErg Corporation

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Manufactures OMRI-certified organic liquid fertilizers from food for soil or foliar feeding. Grades range from 1-1-1 to 4-3-3 with zero application restrictions

Organic Crop Improvement Association, Minnesota Chapter #1 (OCIA)

Certification Agency
Personalized support & education through your local member led chapter. Certification through OCAI International


Resource and Advocacy Organization
Your source for financial training and resources for making money in food and farming.

Midwest Material Management, LLC

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
We Produce and Supply OMRI Certified Organic Compost for use in AG, produce, gardens, etc. We also offer Transportation and Spreading Services.

Organic Trade Association (OTA)

Resource and Advocacy Organization
Membership organization representing the organic industry in US and Canada. Promotes awareness of and expands market for organic products; represents industry on legislative, policy, and regulatory…

AgSource Laboratories

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
AgSource Laboratories provides independent laboratory analysis at 6 locations, for a variety of customers throughout the United States and across the globe.

ProfitPro LLC

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier
Specializing in a complete line of biological, probiotic and microbial products including biological seed coating/treatments, crop nutrient & manure bioaugmentation

BioStar Organics

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Produces a wide variety of organic fertilizer products derived from chicken manure under its N²PK Organics brand. Chicken manure organic fertilizer products are pathogen and harmful bacteria free…

Denali BioSolutions, Inc

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Manufactures and sells high quality OMRI-listed worm castings and supernatural stable worm tea with 12+ month shelf-life

Midwest Organic Farmers Cooperative (MOFC)

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Farmer owned marketing cooperative and value added producing cooperative in regards to feed, seed, and inputs

Oggún Tractors

Equipment Supplier
Offers modern, open source equipment; available for sale online

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship

Resource and Advocacy Organization
National Apprenticeship under US Dept of Labor that links current and aspiring dairy farmers, providing a guided pathway for transfer of knowledge, skills and farms

Contree Sprayer and Equipment

Equipment Supplier
Custom-built spray equipment, storage tanks, Hypro pumps, Ace pumps, CDS John Blue, Tee Jet, Banjo products, Raven, Micro Trak, service and repair pumps

Morgan Composting

Fertilizer Supplier
Composts, processed manures, potting soils, top soil, rock powders/amendments, custom blends

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Dept of Crop Sciences

University Program
Developing research and outreach programs on cover cropping, weed management in organic farming systems. Coordinating on-farm research, organic farm tours

onFarm Storage Inc

Equipment Supplier
Helping fruit and vegetable growers improve product quality by removing field heat in an efficient and effective manner

Priority IAC, Inc

Livestock Feed Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier
Bringing microbiology and animal nutrition together with Smart bacteria. the P-One Program™ stabilizes and maintains rumen pH and is your first ingredient

Healthy Fields, LLC

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier
Supplier of soil amendments like SumaGreen Microbial products, Bio Char, and Humates, and organic fertilizers like Neptune's Harvest, and Growers Secret


Consultant, Service Provider
Online community for organic agriculture


Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier, Pest Control Supplier
Free-choice minerals for all grazing animals, holistic livestock remedies, natural eco-pesticides, and liquid fertilizers designed as a “whole systems approach”

Penergetic Solutions

Soil Inputs Supplier, Livestock Feed Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier, Pest Control Supplier
Cater to organic farmers' needs for crops, soil management, compost/manure, feed additives and water; products from Switzerland; over 25 years experience

Crop Resources, LLC

Soil Inputs Supplier, Fertilizer Supplier, Livestock Products Supplier
Manufacturers Agriserum and Pit Power. Agriserum is bacteria and bacteria feeders for the soil. Pit Power is bacteria that reduces solids in manure pits

K& L Organics

Seed Supplier
Certified Organic Garlic seed stock.

Connoils LLC

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Organic Functional Food Ingredient Processor, Bulk Ingredient Distributor and Finished Product Packager

Prairie Moon Nursery

Seed Supplier
Offering over 700 species of native plants for gardening and restoration

Pearl Valley Organix

Soil Inputs Supplier
OMRI certified composted chicken manure and custom blends to meet all of your organic fertility needs

Michigan State University Organic Farmer Training Program

University Program
Program offers aspiring farmers working knowledge of year-round production, management, and marketing to succeed in local food systems

Wisconsin Grass-Fed Beef Cooperative

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
Wisconsin cooperative of over 165 farms, selling grass-fed beef wholesale to grocers, food co-ops & restaurants, as well as direct to consumer as custom-cut halves

Red River Commodities

Buyer, Cooperative, or Processor
An ingredient processor of organic sunflowers, flax and millet