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Marbleseed’s programs connect farmers to resources, community, and peer-to-peer education helping support strong, resilient organic farming communities throughout the Upper Midwest. We work in collaboration with allied organizations throughout the region to support small and medium-sized organic farms and food businesses. Our programs demonstrate the capacity of organic farming to regenerate ecosystems, build equity in agriculture, and nourish financially viable farm businesses.

Farmer-to-Farmer Mentorship

1:1 mentorships connect newer organic and regenerative farmers with experienced farmers to help new farmers move their farms forward. Learn how to apply and participate in the Farmer-to-Farmer Mentorship Program.

Farmer Advancement

The Marbleseed Farmer Advancement Program expands access to funding, training, and farmer networks for BIPOC, beginning, and veteran farmers. Find out more about Farmer Advancement.

Mental Health Peer Support

Farmers trained in peer support methods are available to connect farmers and their family members to mental health resources and services across Wisconsin. Find resources and get involved with the Mental Health Peer Support program.

Wisconsin Women in Conservation

Wisconsin Women in Conservation (WiWiC) connects women landowners in Wisconsin around conservation practices, resources, and funding opportunities. Build your farm and conservation community with WiWiC.

In Her Boots

This is a collection of educational gatherings and resources for women-identified farmers. In Her Boots podcasts, convenings, and field days) offer women-only spaces to encourage leadership and learning. Build your women-led farm community with In Her Boots programming.

Grower Groups

Grower Groups are farmer-led circles where farmers connect to define challenges, share knowledge, and identify solutions to the most pressing needs of their communities. Production-focused groups meeting quarterly online and in-person. Join a group online on the Ag Solidarity Network. Ag Solidarity Network. Full webpage for Grower Groups is coming soon.