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Marbleseed's 2023 Farm Bill Platform

Topics: Leadership and Community, Leadership and Community : Public Policy
The Farm Bill, legislation in twelve titles, covers all the ways we farm, and utilize farm products. It also addresses rural communities, conservation, energy, and nutrition programs. Critical research,
education and extension programs that farmers rely on are also supported by Farm Bill Programs and Titles.

As a farmer-led, education non-profit, Marbleseed actively engages with several of the titles in the Farm Bill. As we head into the season of marker bills (legislation that will likely become part of the comprehensive Farm Bill), we want to be prepared to tell our story of human scale, organic production that feeds our communities.
In identifying our main priorities for the Farm Bill, we looked at current Farm Bill funding that continues Marbleseed programs and supports farmers in the upper Midwest. But we also want to
use the platform to propose solutions to ongoing challenges that the Marbleseed community has identified and that act as barriers to getting more organic farmers on the land.

The four priorities of the Marbleseed Farm Bill platform do not represent ALL the issues that we care about. Instead, they are focused on our strategic plan as well as current programming that is
making a difference for organic farmers in the upper Midwest. These priorities also create deeper partnerships with allied organizations and advocacy coalitions where Marbleseed is a member, adding our voices to the solutions needed to make organic farming at human scale accessible and viable as an enterprise, while improving the health of people, planet and communities.