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The newly expanded Marbleseed Organic Resource Directory now includes buyers, suppliers, and certification agencies, as well as educational resources such as fact sheets, workbooks, guidebooks, and more.

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Farm Business Certification

National Young Farmer's Coalition | Young Farmer Grant Program

Beginning Farmers, Beginning Farmers : Connect with Peers, Land Access, Farm Business, Farm Business : General, Farm Business : Marketing, Farm Business : Funding, Farm Business : Certification, Farming Systems, Leadership and Community
For the last four years, the National Young Farmers Coalition (Young Farmers) has partnered with Chipotle to support young and beginning farmers and ranchers start up and grow their businesses with a flexible funding opportunity each spring. The program provided 50 farmers and ranchers with $5,000 each in the spring of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. Grant recipients also received a one-year membership to the National Young Farmers Coalition.

In the fifth and final year of the program, they are celebrating distributing 50 grants to a new cohort of young farmers and ranchers in 2024!

Learn more and apply here

Fearless Farm Finances

Farm Business, Farm Business : General, Farm Business : Certification
This one-of-a-kind resource is packed with instructions, tips, and tools for setting up and managing a farm’s financial system. It includes real-life examples from successful farmers and sample data to show how forms and records should look.

A Small Producer’s View on Upcoming Changes in Organic Production
Jul 2023 by National Organic Program Staff

USDA’s new Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) regulation is now a reality, and understandably sparking a lot of conversation about what the changes will cost and how much time it will take…

New Farmer U

Apr 28 - Apr 29 | Rosholt, WI | $
Boost your farm business skills at New Farmer U in Rosholt, WI…

NOP Program Update and Focus on Transition to Organic Partnership (TOPP)
2023 by David Glasgow, Allison Walent

David Glasgow, Associate Deputy Administrator of the National
Organic Program, will provide an update on all that is happening at
the NOP, including priorities moving forward. He will be joined by…

Guidebook for Organic Certification

Farm Business : Certification, Farming Systems, Farming Systems : Organic
Resource guidebook to transition your farm to certified organic

Online GAP Courses

Farm Business : Certification
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach now offers free online food safety training modules for farmers’ market managers and vendors. The four modules cover good agricultural practices (GAP) for pre-harvest, post-harvest, marketing and best practices at the market, and value-added products

I'm applying for certification for the first time. What should I do now to prepare?
Jan 2020

Organic certification has four big steps each year: application, initial review, inspection, and final review. Now is the time to start on the first step. It is the most work in the first year—from…

Should I hire a pest management service for my on-farm crop storage?
Oct 2019

You would have to crunch the numbers to determine the financial impact of the pests and how much it will cost to pay for a company to take care of them for you. If you have had major pest issues that…

Certification and Choosing Certifier

Farming Systems : Organic, Farm Business : Certification
Factsheet: Organic Certification and tips for choosing a certifier

Organic Tree Fruit Certification

Fruits and Specialty Crops : Fruits, Farm Business : Certification
Factsheet: Organic orchard production and certification

SARE Organic Production Resource

Farm Business : Certification, Production : Fertility
SARE’s Organic Production topic room is a free online resource for organic producers. Topics include whole systems, seeds, fertility management, certification, transitioning, animal systems, and more.

Is it possible to still get my farm certified for the first time in October?
Oct 2016

Whether or not you can get certified now depends on the crop or livestock products you want to sell as organic. All certification agencies are required to see at least some of the requested crops…

Is it possible to find out how many certified organic operations are in my state?
Sep 2016

The USDA maintains a national list of certified organic operations under the Organic Integrity Database . You can search by state, products, and many other…

How can I reduce the costs associated with my organic certification?
Jul 2016

There are a couple different cost share options for organic farmers across the country to help reduce the burden of certification fees. The most widely available is the National Organic Certification…

How long does it take to transition my land to organic if using organic practices?
Jun 2016

Farmers who have been utilizing organic practices for years, but have not been certified, might not have to wait a full 36 months between when they decide to transition to organic and when they can…

How do I choose a certification agency?
Jun 2016

The standards used by all organic certification agencies are the same USDA organic regulations. Agencies compete for your business based on service and price. The research you do now to choose a…

How difficult is the record keeping aspect of being certified organic?
Jul 2015

In my many years of organic inspection, the most profitable and productive organic farmers were those who also kept good records. The documentation you keep need not be burdensome, and should be…

What type of farm maps do I need for my organic system plan application?
Jun 2015

Your organic system plan (OSP) organic certification application includes the locations that various practices and inputs are used on your farm. Your organic certification agency uses your written…

National Organic Farming Handbook

Farming Systems : Organic, Farm Business : Certification
Whether you’re in the process of transitioning or simply looking to improve your current organic systems, this handbook can help you find support through NRCS grants and programs ranging from operational planning to enterprise management support to addressing specific resource concerns on your farm.

Organic Transition Business Partner

Farm Business : Certification
A publication from SARE exploring organic transition strategies and asking important questions to help farmers determine the best plan for their farm.

What do I do in the case of chemical spray drift onto my property?
Oct 2014

If you can smell the pesticide, it has drifted to your farm. If you are not feeling well, immediately see your family doctor or go to the emergency room. Pesticide exposure should not be taken lightly…

Transition To Organic Crop

Farming Systems : Organic, Farm Business : Certification
Factsheet: How to transition to organic crop production

Transition To Organic Dairy

Farming Systems : Organic, Farm Business : Certification
Factsheet: How to transition to organic dairy production

Is Organic and Option for Me?

Farming Systems : Organic, Farm Business : Certification
Learn how the USDA AMS supports organic agriculture through standards, enforcement, certification, market information, funding, extension, and research.

Transitioning to Organic with NCR SARE

Farming Systems : Organic, Farm Business : Certification
find information on nutrient management plans, training for beginning farmers, handbooks, guides, manuals and workbooks on how to transition.

Transitioning to Organic Production

Farm Business : Certification, Farming Systems : Organic, Farming Systems : Transition, Production : General

Find an Organic Certifier

Farm Business : Certification, Farm Business : Certification

Organic Certification Made Simple

Farming Systems : Organic, Farm Business : Certification
Resources that help make organic certification more accessible, attainable, and affordable involves collaboration with many partners across the country and around the globe.

National Organic Program Certification Resources

Farming Systems : Organic, Farm Business : Certification
Information about certification, accreditation, and standards for USDA organic certification