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Meet Wild Apple Beef and More

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Marbleseed's Stephanie Coffman owns and operates a small beef operation on the Rush River watershed in Pierce County, Wisconsin with her husband. Read about how they practice good conservation on their farm. With the help of their local USDA-NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service), they have been able to install infrastructure to rotationally graze their challenging and hilly pastures.

Reflection on the Farm Viability Convergence

Topics: Farming Systems, Leadership and Community
Marbleseed Executive Director, Lori Stern and Farmer Education Manager, Alex Bagwajinini Kmett discuss the Farmer Viability Convergence session which took place during Marbleseed's 34th Organic Farming Conference in February 2023.

Wisconsin Women in Conservation Aims to Reach the Underserved, Yet Powerfully Emergent, Demographic of Female Farmers and Landowners

Topics: Beginning Farmers, Beginning Farmers : Connect with Peers, Land Access, Farm Business, Farming Systems
Learn about Wisconsin Women in Conservation (WiWiC), a state-wide collaborative effort led by the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in partnership with Marbleseed, Renewing the Countryside and Wisconsin Farmers Union.  A five-year multi-faceted project funded by the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), WiWiC brings together Wisconsin women landowners to connect and learn about conservation practices, resources, and funding opportunities.

Organic Farming Conference Presenter Profile: Chef Fresh Roberson

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Fresh Roberson is a chef, activist, healer, farmer and founded of Fresher Together, a collaborative food and farming project for healing, economic development, training and retreat in the south side of Chicago. They will be facilitating a workshop at Marbleseed's 34th Organic Farming Conference on February 25, 2023, entitled: Funding Your Farm with Little to No Debt - Grants and Creative Fundraising Strategies For Farmers.

MOSES To Marbleseed: New Resilience

Topics: Leadership and Community
Marbleseed is a prairie plant native to the Midwest. It has a deep taproot and thrives in areas grazed by cattle and is one of the first to return, resilient after fire. This drought-tolerant, perennial plant is often used in prairie restoration efforts, providing nectar and pollen as rewards for bumblebees, butterflies, and other insects. Although it is native, today it can be difficult to find.

After deep conversations with staff and the Board of Directors, reviewing options presented and brainstormed, “Marbleseed” emerged as the new name for MOSES. The tagline “farmer-led, rooted in organic” was the last critical piece. Buoyed by success in reaching unanimous consensus, we set about the task of creating a logo.