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Beginning farmers

Nearly half of all U.S. farmland is expected to change hands in the next 20 years. Getting more farmers on the land is essential to ensuring that land continues to be farmed and our local communities thrive. Beginning farmers, specifically those who have been farming for 10 years or less, face a unique set of challenges in accessing land, education, financing, and navigating the hurdles of the early years of farming. Whether those are production, financial management, organic certification, or connecting with peers, there are many resources to help guide you along the way.

Land Access

Learn about how to find land, things to consider when purchasing or leasing land, and access folks who can help you along the way. Find out more about land access.

Financing and Grants

Find out how to get a farm loan, learn about start-up funding for farmers, and creative financial tools to get your farm going.

Farm Business, Marketing, and Certification

A key to successful farming is good business management! Whether you're looking to develop a business plan, create a recordkeeping system, figure out how to market your product, or pursue certification, there are plenty of resources available. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out our Farm Business, Marketing, and Certification page for more.

Learn and Connect with Peers

One of the most valuable things for beginning farmers is finding a community of support. Find yours by joining in-person and online farmer communities, attending field days, working with a mentor, or growing with an incubator farm.

Have a question about beginning farmer programming at Marbleseed? Contact our Farmer Education Manager, Justine Bursoni at (888)906-6737, ext. 701