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The newly expanded Marbleseed Organic Resource Directory now includes buyers, suppliers, and certification agencies, as well as educational resources such as fact sheets, workbooks, guidebooks, and more.

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Public Policy

Marbleseed's 2023 Farm Bill Platform

Leadership and Community, Leadership and Community : Public Policy
The Farm Bill, legislation in twelve titles, covers all the ways we farm, and utilize farm products. It also addresses rural communities, conservation, energy, and nutrition programs. Critical research,
education and extension programs that farmers rely on are also supported by Farm Bill Programs and Titles.

As a farmer-led, education non-profit, Marbleseed actively engages with several of the titles in the Farm Bill. As we head into the season of marker bills (legislation that will likely become part of the comprehensive Farm Bill), we want to be prepared to tell our story of human scale, organic production that feeds our communities.
In identifying our main priorities for the Farm Bill, we looked at current Farm Bill funding that continues Marbleseed programs and supports farmers in the upper Midwest. But we also want to
use the platform to propose solutions to ongoing challenges that the Marbleseed community has identified and that act as barriers to getting more organic farmers on the land.

The four priorities of the Marbleseed Farm Bill platform do not represent ALL the issues that we care about. Instead, they are focused on our strategic plan as well as current programming that is
making a difference for organic farmers in the upper Midwest. These priorities also create deeper partnerships with allied organizations and advocacy coalitions where Marbleseed is a member, adding our voices to the solutions needed to make organic farming at human scale accessible and viable as an enterprise, while improving the health of people, planet and communities.

Farming Into the Future by Centering Farmworkers

Farm Business, Farm Business : General, Farming Systems, Leadership and Community, Leadership and Community : Farmer Leader, Leadership and Community : Healthy Communities, Leadership and Community : Public Policy, Leadership and Community : Racial Equity
​​To provide individuals working on diversified vegetable farms with information, examples, and resources that support long-term career paths for farmworkers, enhance farmer quality of life, and strengthen farm businesses.

We know that if you’re reading this, you probably have important things to contribute to this discussion. With that in mind, we are treating this as a living document so it can better reflect farmers’ experiences while providing support around evolving needs over time. If you have stories, questions, or resources you’d like to share with us, please get in touch with Sarah (sarah@csacoalition.org).

Outlook for Organic - Challenges, Opportunities, and Continual Improvement
2023 by Moderator: Lori Stern Panel: Francis Thicke, David Glasgow, Alan Lewis, Adam Warthesen, Doug Crabtree

There are a number of reasons to be enthusiastic about the future
of Organic as we work our way through this time of unprecedented
support from the USDA, ever growing consumer demand for many…

Shaping the 2023 Farm Bill Together
2023 by Margaret Krome, Kate Mendenhall, Steve Etka, Hannah Quigley, Maia Usher-Rasmussen

The process is underway to develop the 2023 Farm Bill, and now is
the time for the organic community to move our priorities forward
together. Join this panel discussion as we identify our shared…

NOP Program Update and Focus on Transition to Organic Partnership (TOPP)
2023 by David Glasgow, Allison Walent

David Glasgow, Associate Deputy Administrator of the National
Organic Program, will provide an update on all that is happening at
the NOP, including priorities moving forward. He will be joined by…

Managed Rotational Grazing Policies: An Overview of Farm Bill Programs to Support Regenerative Agriculture,”

Farming Systems, Farming Systems : Grazing, Field Crops, Leadership and Community, Leadership and Community : Farmer Leader, Leadership and Community : Healthy Communities, Leadership and Community : Public Policy
The team at Vermont Law and Graduate School’s Center for Agriculture and Food Systems has published a report titled “Managed Rotational Grazing Policies: An Overview of Farm Bill Programs to Support Regenerative Agriculture,” which outlines how farm bill programs can be leveraged to support farmers’ and ranchers’ livelihoods while encouraging managed rotational grazing as an adaptive tool for climate resilience.

We gotta fight for our right to repair
May 2022 by Tom Manley

Although it may lack the youthful enthusiasm of earlier protests, the ongoing effort to secure the right for farmers to have some choice in their equipment service options is gaining momentum. It is…

Regenerate Illinois

Leadership and Community : Public Policy

Land Access Alliance

Leadership and Community : Public Policy, Leadership and Community : Healthy Communities

National Young Farmers Coalition

Beginning Farmers, Leadership and Community : Public Policy