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The newly expanded Marbleseed Organic Resource Directory now includes buyers, suppliers, and certification agencies, as well as educational resources such as fact sheets, workbooks, guidebooks, and more.

Want to see your business or resource listed in the Marbleseed Organic Resource Directory? We review all submissions to ensure products, services, and educational resources are appropriate for inclusion in the directory. To submit your business or resource for consideration, please use the forms below.

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Field Crop Business

Seed Growing in Community: A Five Part Seed Series

Feb 09 - Oct 14 | | $
A 5-part Seed Series with a focus on community stewardship. There will be virtual and in person sessions and a small stipend for attendees to help make the time commitment more feasible! Presenters…

Marbleseed's 34th Organic Farming Conference

Feb 23 - Feb 25 | La Crosse, Wisconsin | $
Join us for the 34th annual Organic Farming Conference, February 23-25, 2023 in La Crosse, Wisconsin…

OGRAIN 7th Annual Conference

Jan 27 - Jan 28 | Madison, WI | $
2023 OGRAIN Organic Grain Conference will be held Friday, January 27 through Saturday, January 28th with an optional Regenerative Organic Event Thursday, January 26th. UW-Madison’s OGRAIN program…

Should I hire a pest management service for my on-farm crop storage?
Oct 2019

You would have to crunch the numbers to determine the financial impact of the pests and how much it will cost to pay for a company to take care of them for you. If you have had major pest issues that…

When should I start looking for markets for my new organic production?
Feb 2016

One of the most important—and most overlooked—steps in the process of transitioning is to plan ahead for a marketplace where you will be able to move your organic products. Because an outlet for your…

Must I use organic seed?
Dec 2008

If you are still in transition to organic, you are not required under the organic regulations to plant organic seed. However, you cannot plant seeds that have prohibited synthetic treatments applied…

Can I purchase a used conventional sprayer for use in my organic production?
Jan 2008

Yes, you can purchase and use this sprayer. However, you will need to perform some cleaning and refurbishment activities and document these before you may use it on organic land…

Why must I use organic seed instead of untreated, non-organic seed?
Jun 2007

The organic regulation mandates the use of organic seed unless you cannot find an “equivalent” variety in the quality or quantity that you need. Seed is the foundation of growing a crop, and the…

Should I trademark my farm’s name?
Jan 2007

If you sell retail or direct-to-consumer products or plan to add value to your farm’s production with a packaged product carrying the farm name, it might be a good idea to trademark your farm’s name…

What is the process for using organic seeds for my organic crop production?
Dec 2006

The National Organic Program (NOP) man­dates the use of organic seed for crops that will be sold as organic unless you can show that you could not find the quality, quantity, or equivalent variety of…

Can any farmer label products as organic?
Jun 2005

The use of the word “organic” on a label in the U.S. is regulated by law, which is managed by the National Organic Program (NOP) within the USDA. Farmers who are certified organic or those who sell…

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