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Join us every summer for on-farm learning at Marbleseed Organic Field Days. Field Days are free and hosted by regenerative and organic farmers across the Upper Midwest who are using innovative organic farming practices and feeding their communities. From small urban farms and midscale silvopasture operations to larger scale row crops, we aim to offer field days for every type of farm. Come connect with community and get fresh ideas to try on your farm.

Marbleseed's Trainings connect farmers with the tools they need for a thriving farm business, supporting the growth of organic acreage, generating more revenue for small-scale farmers, and mitigating the impacts of climate change with farming practices that value land stewardship and whole ecosystem health.

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Special Instructions for Visiting Farms with Livestock

Biosecurity is important on all farms, clean shoes and clothes are particularly important at field days where livestock are present. Marbleseed asks that all attendees observe the following biosecurity protocols when visiting farms with livestock.

  • Wear clean or disinfected shoes that have not been worn on other farms with livestock or livestock buildings, or around a dense population of wild birds.
  • Wear clean clothes that have not been worn around other livestock.
  • Upon request of the host or staff during the field day, you may be asked to wear disposable plastic boot covers (provided by Marbleseed) over your shoes.

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