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Topics: Leadership and Community : Healthy Communities, Farm Business : General
Share information about events, production issues, resources, and equipment to buy or sell. Subscribers can send an email to the entire group. Members can reply to all or just to the sender who can post “digests” of the responses they receive. OGRAIN is a partnership between MOSES and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

To subscribe to the listerv, email: ograin+subscribe@g-groups.wisc.edu

To post an email to the entire group, email ograin@lists.wisc.edu. (All subscribers will receive your email. This gives you the ears, advice, and perspectives of many people, but it also means that you should use this list sparingly so as not to overload the inboxes of subscribers. We reserve the right to moderate content and take action if necessary.)

Unsubscribe from the listserv: leave-ograin@lists.wisc.edu