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Can you help me find an organic meat processing plant near my farm?


The scarcity of certified organic meat procesĀ­sors in the Midwest is one of the biggest issues facing the organic industry. The recent loss of the organic processor Premier Meats in southwest Wisconsin has brought this issue to the forefront. There are very few certified meat processors left in Wisconsin and only two of them handle poultry. The lack of certified plants places organic farmers at an economic disadvantage. Either we are unable to label our products as organic, or are forced to raise prices due to the greater distance and time to haul and process our animals.

I encourage you to ask meat processors near you to consider adding organic certification to their services. The rapid growth in consumer demand represents real opportunity to expand clientele and services. Processors can learn more from Marbleseed or the Organic Processing Institute .

Our Organic Resource Directory lists many certified organic meat processing plants in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. You can find it on our website or request a hard copy by calling 888-906-6737. FarmĀ­ers in other states can find a certified organic processor by searching the USDA website .

Posted: Feb 2017
Answer By: Joe Pedretti