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In Her Boots

In Her Boots programs provide training, outreach, and a collective voice for women in organic and regenerative agriculture, both in the Midwest and nationally. Marbleseed launched In Her Boots in 2009 as the Rural Women’s Project. The project emerged as the USDA finally recognized-–thanks to legal actions taken by a diverse coalition of women farmers-–that for decades there had been broad-based discrimination across USDA programs, and in granting loans specifically. These discriminatory practices essentially took women, and especially women farmers of color, off the land and out of farming. Through targeted funding of programs like In Her Boots in the early 2000s, the number of women farm operators has risen. However, for women farmers of color and new immigrants, there is still far to go.

In Her Boots encompasses a variety of programs to facilitate movement building across communities, and welcomes all women committed to being good stewards and leaders of a food and farm system that is truly regenerative. In Her Boots also includes partnerships with other non-profits and agencies such as The Food Group, National Sustainable Ag Coalition, Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, and the Wisconsin Farmers Union.

In Her Boots programs

Wisconsin Women in Conservation

Designated field day

In Her Boots roundtables at the Organic Farming Conference

In Her Boots podcast

In Her Boots on the Ag Solidarity Network

Women Leaders in Sustainable Agriculture: network of Midwest women executive directors

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