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Organic Research Forum

The Organic Research Forum showcases research on organic farming practices. The Forum brings together researchers and farmers to discuss goals and future research needs. The Organic Research Forum is a project of Marbleseed and includes a juried poster session with awards for 1st through 3rd place, and a People's Choice Award.

First Place

Kathryn Bosely, University of Minnesota “Milk fatty acid profiles of Holstein, ProCROSS, and Grazecross cows”

Second Place

Waqas Ahmed, North Dakota State University “Hydromulch as a Weed Control Alternative to Plastic Mulches for Organic Horticulture”

Third Place

Gabriela Lima, University of Minnesota “Impact of hybrid rye on quality and consumer acceptance of pork from pigs raised organically”

People's Choice

Anne Carey, Iowa State University “Evaluating the soil block method and growing media in organic vegetable transplant production”

Research Posters

Waqas Ahmad, North Dakota State University, Hydromulch as a Weed Control Alternative to Plastic Mulches for Organic Horticulture

Madison Bacon, University of Minnesota, Behavior and Stress of Primiparous Horned and Dehorned Dairy Cattle in the Milking Parlor

Alexis Barnes, South Dakota State University, Integrating Early Season Clover Cover Crops as a Living Mulch in Broccoli and Organic Winter Squash Production

Caleb Besson, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Evaluation of Stakeholder Tools; COMET-Farm and Cool Farm Tool, to Estimate Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions from Organic Dairy Systems

Kathryn Bosley, University of Minnesota, Milk Fatty Acid Profiles of Holstein, ProCROSS, and Grazecross Cows

Anne Carey, Iowa State University, Evaluating the Soil Block Method and Growing Media in Organic Vegetable Transplant Production

Lilianna de Jong, University of Wisconsin ­– Madison, Varietal Performance of Organic Dry Beans in Wisconsin

Dr. James DeDecker, Michigan State University – Upper Peninsula, The Seed to Kitchen Collaborative and SeedLinked: Identifying Improved Winter Squash Varieties for Organic Direct-Market Growers

Walter Goldstein, Mandaamin Institute, How Bacterial Partnerships Help Organic Corn and are Affected by Selection and Breeding

Mary Rogers (Matthew Gullickson), University of Minnesota, Assessing Spotted-Wing Drosophila Organic Control Methods and Economic Viability in Day-Neutral Strawberry Production

Gabriela Hidrobo, University of Minnesota, Nourishing the Soil: Decoding Microbial Responses to Warm-Season Cover Crops in the US Upper Midwest

Michael Lordon, Organic Seed Alliance, Participatory Vegetable Breeding for Organic Systems in the Upper Midwest

Sara Major, Rodale Institute, Relating Hog Management Practices to Parasite Infection on Organic and Pastured Pig Farms

Olivia Maynard, Northern Michigan University, Tarping for the Future: Evaluating Soil Temperature and Soil Greenhouse Gas Fluxes Among Cover Crop Termination Methods for Organic Vegetable Crop Production

Courtney C Meeks, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Efficacy of Organic Fungicides for Disease Management in ‘Petite Pearl’ Vineyards in Wisconsin

Sai Prakash Naroju, Tennessee State University, Evaluation of Canopy Cover, Biomass of Cover Crops and Weeds in Organic Cropping Systems

Katarina Rothhorn, Northern Michigan University, What the Tarp: Assessing Influence of Cover Crop Termination Practices on Soil Health and Fertility in Organic Vegetable Crop Production

Claire Stedden, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Assessing Knowledge Gaps and Learning Preferences Among Grain Farmers and Professionals: The Experience of the University of Wisconsin - Madison’s Organic Grain Outreach Program

Clare Tallamy, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Root Exudation and Rhizosphere Microbial Recruitment are Influenced by Novel Cultivar Development in Organic Carrot Production

Emma Terris, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Characterizing Resistance and Cross-Resistance to Insecticides on Wisconsin Organic Potato Farms

Hannah Walsh, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, Increasing Organic High Tunnel Vegetable Productivity through Improved Soil Health

Amanda Yoo, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Identification of Swiss Chard Varieties and Fertility Management for Organic Meat-Curing Powders

Gabriella Lima, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, Impact of Hybrid Rye on Quality and Consumer Acceptance of Pork from Pigs Raised Organically

Calli Tomasoski, Northern Michigan University, To Tarp or Not to Tarp: Evaluating Effectiveness of Cover Crop Termination Methods and Weed Management Outcomes for Organic Vegetable Crop Production in the U.S. Midwest

Ben Brockmueller, Living Mulch Organic Corn Systems: Lessons Learned in Closing the Yield Gap.

Jennifer Felton, University of Minnesota, Effects of Asparagopsis taxiformis on Enteric Methane Emissions and Production Parameters in an Organic Dairy Herd

Megan Kavanagh, University of Minnesota, Growing Hybrid Rye to Reduce Feed and Bedding Costs in Organic Pig Production

Jarret Miles-Kroening, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Evaluation of Film-Based Mulches to promote Day-Neutral Strawberry Production System in the Upper Midwest

Connor Ruen, South Dakota State University, Clover Living Mulch’s Effect on Weed Suppression and Broccolini Yield

Tatiane Severo Silva, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Advancing Sustainable Agriculture: Standard vs. Ecointensive Organic Cropping Systems in Wisconsin

Advisory Committee:

Brad Heins, University of Minnesota

Esther Shekinah, Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

David Hougen-Eitzman, Carleton College

Kathleen Delate, Iowa State University

Rue Genger, University of Wisconsin-Madison

William Tracy, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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