Meet Marbleseed

We’re the organization formerly known as the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES). For over thirty years, we have been working in community with the Midwest’s organic and sustainable farmers. Now we’re continuing that work and leveraging our social capital to grow the region’s organic farming movement. Our name has changed, but our work remains the same: support the Midwest’s organic and sustainable farmers through farmer-led events and educational resources that help your farm grow.

Stay tuned. Our full site is launching summer 2022.

In the meantime, check out the quick links below to find what you need. Looking for something specific? Contact our offices directly at or by phone 715-778-5775.

Field Days

Registration is open for our 2022 Field Days!

Join us to tour Midwest organic and sustainable farms.

Learn from farmers in your region and build new skills.

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Join Our Team

Marbleseed is hiring! Join a team of motivated and passionate individuals working to advance the organic farming movement with over 20,000 small and mid-scale farmers across the Upper Midwest.

Organic Broadcaster

The Organic Broadcaster is a bimonthly newspaper published by Marbleseed.